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What is your ‘outcome’ and where is it? (If it is electronic you might make a link to it and put it on the same disc as this website)  If it is three dimensional (frames of a sculpture of item of clothing) photograph it and include a picture here and make sure it is clearly labelled with your name and that your teachers know where it is (ie in the stockroom)

Use this page to explain how your final outcome relates to the photographic traditions/ photographs that inspired it.

S T U D E N T   A D V I C E

T H E   F R I N K S   C A L M E D

This was the final outcome of my attempt to animate the Frinks. Clicking on the You Tube screen shot will bring you to the video,


Set the video to the highest definition and allow the video to load, then press play.

Note the video has sound and will look its best when played on a large screen projector.

H O M E oldye frinks.f4v oldye frinks sound.f4v

Clicking on the clapperboard below will bring you to an early attempt to animate the Frinks. The first video is without sound to indicate the role played by sound in fixing the mood of the piece. The second has sound but is unnecessarily long and overly repetitive in the editing tropes used.

I went back to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park and shot some more footage paying more attention to the use of focus/defocus and consistency of camera angle. Volume levels were also played with in the final edit giving natural sounds more prominence in the soundtrack. The running time was also severely shortened.

Early attempt without sound

Early attempt with sound

frink walk through april.mp4

Clicking on the screenshot below will bring you to a walk through of the final video which explains editing and filming decisions taken in the making of the final version.