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This website is divided into two parts, the new site (still partly under construction) and the older Benton Park Photography site which in the navigation above is called the heritage site.

The new site is intended to offer students a template for the As examination in photography in that it was actually submitted to the AQA board for assessment in the form in which you will encounter it here, namely in the form of web site navigation using software readily accessible within the school, Serif WebPlusX4.

The moderator for the board considered that the material presented here was worthy of an A grade.

Mrs Symons has prepared a ready made template using Serif Webplus.This template is merely a series of navigation options which then the hopeful candidate must fill with her/his own work.

It is hoped that the organising demands of a properly navigating web site as well as the advanced facilities Serif WebPlus offers in for presenting photography will make for improved student work as well as greater ease in presenting final outcomes to the Board.

The advantages of working in Serif WebPlus:

* The capacity to organise your work in a clear structured, examiner friendly manner.

*A range of easy to manage platforms to present your photography or moving images and sound like

*Lightboxes,thumbnails that click up to larger images with caption facilities.

* Easy to make Flash photographic galleries which will support music and commentary.

*Flash movies which can be inserted easily.

*Serif WebPlus has extensive photo editing tools on board.

*The whole submission to the board can be exported to a single DVD which will play in all PCs

Lightbox, click on image

How to build a photo gallery in Serif WebPlus, Click on screen shot

This is Serif’s Photolab, click on screen shot to view tutorial.