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This web site is for staff and students engaged with the WJEC’s Media Studies As and Advanced. It is replacing an old site which catered to the old AQA syllabus. The new site will concentrate initially on the As areas of the new WJEC specifications and gradually build up to catering to Advanced level. The site will be principally aimed at the sixth form students at Benton Park School and will  therefore cover not the entire syllabus but those chosen areas which we “cherry pick”. Obviously it will be a “work in progress” and will take shape over the teaching year.

We welcome comment and advice and if we do any thing which inadvertently infringes people’s rights do get in touch with us and we will try to put matters right. WE can be contacted HERE

T H E   M E D I A    S T U D I E S   W E B S I T E   O F   B E N T O N   P A R K   SC H O O L

M s 4 Chosen Film: CLICK

M s 4 Chosen Film: CLICK

M S 4

C H O S E N   F I L M S

Ms 4 Chosen Film: CLICK