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This course aims to introduce students to the richness of cinema.   It is primarily theoretical but both AS and A2 carry a practical element.

What are the Entry Requirements?

5 GCSEs A* - C.   While it is not necessary for students to have taken GCSE Media Studies, those who have done so will be required to attain at least a C grade.

How will I be Assessed?

AS level

Students will learn how to read individual films and look at films in general, through genre and narrative.  In addition, they will analyse how audiences make sense of films. The coursework is assessed by close analysis of two films and by the creation of an outline,and photographic storyboard, which will include visual ideas, or they may submit a film of their own creation.

The final part focuses on the messages and values of British and/or Irish cinema on a particular topic assessed by a terminal examination.

A2 level

The first part extends the reading of film by studying a particular director and considering the constraints created by institutional factors in creating film.   The influence of stars and film studios are considered.   The coursework is assessed by a student’s own study of a director and one creative task, either journalism, scriptwriting or film/video making.

World Cinema is studied with a specific case study assessed by a 1½ hour terminal examination.   The final part of the course will focus on social and economic issues.   These will include such factors as feminism and censorship and will be assessed by a 2 hour terminal examination.  For more details click on the blue WJEC logo below or on As/A2 in brief above.

This website will concentrate on a year by year basis on those areas of the course

taught primarily by Mrs Symons.

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