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DVD Resource for use with Questions 1 and 2.

Print-based Resource for use with Question 3.

Pencils and coloured pencils/pens may be used for Question 4 (c) .

Spare paper for notes (to be provided by centre and not submitted with your answer book).


Use black ink or black ball-point pen.

Write your name , centre number and candidate number in the spaces at the top of this page.

Answer all questions in this Answer Book .

There are four extra pages at the back of the book.

 Write your answers in the spaces provided in this book.

Viewing the DVD extract for Questions 1 and 2.

You will be given 3 minutes to read through the questions (on page 3 of this Answer Book).

This is included in the total time allowed for Paper 1.

The extract will be played three times.

For the first viewing, just watch.

You will watch the DVD extract for a second time.

This time you will be allowed to make notes.

Make any notes on the spare paper provided.

You will then be allowed 10 minutes to make further notes and to think about the answers to the questions.

You will watch the extract for a third and final time .

You will be allowed the remaining time

(approximately 1 hour 5 minutes , depending on the length of the extract)

to complete the examination.

FILM STUDIES PAPER 1: Exploring Film A.M. WEDNESDAY, 19 June 2013  

2 hours





Answer all the questions on one of the following films

Amélie (Jeunet, France, 2001) Bend It Like Beckham (Chadha, UK, 2002) The Devil’s Backbone (Del Toro, Mexico, 2001)

Ghosts (Broomfield, UK, 2006) Goodbye Lenin ! (Becker, Germany, 2003) Ratcatcher (Ramsay, UK, 1999

 Spirited Away (Miyazaki, Japan, 2001) Tsotsi (Hood, South Africa, 2005) Yasmin (Glenaan, UK, 2004)

Whale Rider (Caro, New Zealand, 2002).

You have one hour to answer all three questions.

 1. (a) Briefly describe one important event in your chosen film. (2)

     (b) Why is this event important? (3)

     (c) How is film language used to show this event? (5)                                               [10]

Refer to one or two of the following:

• mise-en-scène

• camerawork

• sound

• editing

• performance (body language, facial expressions, gestures). (5)                                    [10]

2. (a) Name one female character in your chosen film.(1)

(b) Briefly describe this character. (3)

(c) Explain the importance of this character’s role in the film. (6)

(d) How is gender represented in a key sequence from your chosen film? (10)                

3. Write a short item about your chosen film to be broadcast on a school or college radio station.

You may include some of the following:

• background information on your film and/or its director

 • themes and/or issues your film raises

• comparisions with other films you have seen

• camerawork and/or sound

• what you think of your chosen film.                                                                         [20]

There are extra blank pages if needed in the back of this Answer Book. 3

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