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1: External Assessment (50%) EXAMIMATION

 Paper 1: Exploring Film 30% (1 hr 30 minutes)

 Four compulsory questions focusing on one film genre.

These questions will assess knowledge and understanding of film language and key industry and audience issues.

The film genre will be set by WJEC and will change every three years .

Genre for first examination in Summer 20 13 and last examination in Summer 201 5 : Superhero Films .

Paper 2: Exploring Film outside Hollywood 20% (1 hour)

Three compulsory questions on one film produced outside Hollywood , chosen from a list prescribed by WJEC .

Questions will be based on:  characters, narratives, themes and issues in the film chosen, the way people, places, events and issues are represented in the film and  a creative question involving individual responses to the film (e.g., reviews, blogs, website entries).


2: Controlled Assessment (50%)

Exploring and creating Two main items :

a film exploration (two tasks) and a production (four tasks).

1: Exploring a film of the candidate’s choice – two tasks (30 marks)

An exploration of a film of a candidate’s choice consisting of (i) industry research (3 50 - 5 00 words) and

(ii) a micro analysis of a short extract from the film (350 – 750 words) .

2: Production – four tasks (70 marks) Candidates create

(i) a pitch for an imaginary film (approximately 150 words), use the created pitch to form the basis of

(ii) a preproduction (chosen from a list of options) and

(iii) a final production ( chosen from a list of options ) . They then complete

(iv) a brief evaluative analysis of the final production.

WJEC's GCSE Film Studies is an exciting and demanding subject which gives students the chance to study  mainstream genre films and films from outside Hollywood. Students can also choose from a range of creative production options and develop their ability to research.

Put very simply for the Film Studies examination you will study a range of action hero films and a deep study of one film from a list drawn up by the board (WJEC).See below.

For the coursework you get to chose a film for analysis under a number of headings.The analysis must include a detailed analysis of a short scene from your chosen film. Choices of film will involve discussions with Mrs Symons

THEN,Individual students create a sales pitch for an imaginary film followed by a choice of  creative tasks like scripting, storyboarding and marketing. Marketing can involve a variety of tasks like website construction or poster campaigns.

For those who require more detail CLICK HERE

Films available for detailed study

The following choice of films, first examined in Summer 2013, will be available for examination until a new specification is introduced (date to be confirmed).


(Jean-Pierre Jeunet, France/Germany, 2001)

Bend It Like Beckham

(Gurinder Chadha, UK/Germany/US, 2002)

The Boy in Striped Pyjamas

(Mark Herman, UK/USA, 2008)

The Devil's Backbone

(Guillermo del Toro, Mexico/Spain, 2001)


(Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Parronaud, France, 2007)


(Lynne Ramsay, UK/France, 1999)

Rabbit-Proof Fence

(Phillip Noyce, Australia, 2002)


(Gavin Hood, South Africa/UK, 2005)

The Wave

(Dennis Gansel, Germany, 2008)


(Kenneth Glenaan, UK/Germany, 2004).

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