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Your portfolio, which will basically be a collection of all the material you are produced and collected over a year, will be your submission to the examiner.

It is important that this body of work should be presented in a clear, well structured and pleasing manner.

Your work will consist of your writing, your research material from books as well as your own photographic work showing your development and final products. It is our view that presenting your material in electronic form, in particular the form of a Serif website offers a range of advantages over all other possible ways of presenting your work.

Collecting and structuring your work on paper can be difficult; made more so by the fact that as the year rolls on you may well decide to drop some of your material, rearrange it or perhaps completely restructure it.

The Department can provide you with a ready-made digital template which will enable you to structure and adapt your work as you go along. This template would begin as a website structure which would fit most needs. It has the advantage that as you become familiar with the template you, yourself, will be able to modify it to fit your particular needs.

The other real advantage of using the facilities of the Serif building programme is that it is ideally suited to the photographer in that it is remarkably flexible in the way it can manage images, modify them and present them.

It has the further advantage of being a place where all your material can be stored in an easily available form and which can be burned to DVD disk or copied to a memory stick. It reduces the bit size of images so that it is never likely to become too bulky or unwieldy.

* The capacity to organise your work in a clear structured, examiner friendly manner.

*A range of easy to manage platforms to present your photography or moving images and sound.

*Lightboxes,thumbnails that click up to larger images with caption facilities.(See dog left)

* Easy to make Flash photographic galleries which will support music and commentary. See below.

*Flash movies which can be inserted easily. Click on Mutabilities video below. This is a HD file and will successfully display on large screens and via projectors

*Serif WebPlus has extensive photo editing tools on board,

see Photolab screen shot below

*Serif WebPlus has easy to follow tutorials on line.

*The whole submission to the board can be exported to a single DVD which will play in all PCs. It will also play from a memory stick.

* All the fussy stuff like contact sheets and thumbnails can be squirrelled away but can still be linked to in a quick and obvious fashion.

*The whole submission will then navigate easily in Explorer and can be modified easily if the need arises to improve or amend items. Discussion of work with students becomes far more “profitable” as even major changes are easily re jigged and the built in spell checker and the incorporation of web safe fonts makes text more impressive to the examiner’s eye. Yes folks Research has shown that poor presentation and handwriting does affect grades awarded.

This flexibility is it’s greatest advantage over paper based approaches.

* For marking purposes, i.e. drawing the examiner’s attention to the candidate’s many strengths and felicities of expression, her obvious command of photographic theory and practice,etc.

This can be done on a full print out of the electronic portfolio which is an ideal aide and point of reference for the examiner/moderator.

How to build a photo gallery in Serif WebPlus, Click on screen shot

This is Serif’s Photolab, click on screen shot to view tutorial.

Lightbox, click on image

The advantages of working in Serif WebPlus:

WEBPlus Tutorials Click on screen shot

mutabilities.mpg H O M E
* The problem of vile illegible handwriting and 
general grubby presentation becomes
 “ a thing of the past”