Teaching the Anthology
'Til I'm Black and Blue
Were there time enough and
Me, whirled less
Me less stressed
I'd press mi heart to the page
And confess
In a scarlet ink blot test
Mi love splat.
I'd show you
The wet hot heat
Mi haemoglobin beat
Sweet on the sheet
The heart - the heart - the heart
O' mi love splat.
But at my back I always feel
The school bell and it makes me reel
And before me sometimes all there is
Are deserts o' them vast eternities
The classroom's a fine and public place
But it don't compare to mi lover's face
Nor the weight that he brings
To mi fate each beat
Standard English: When teaching standard English, it is helpful to bear
in mind the most common non-standard usages in the UK for subject–
verb agreement (they was), formation of past tense (have fell, I done),
formation of negatives (I ain’t), formation of adverbs (come quick), use
of demonstrative pronouns (them books), use of pronouns (me and him
went), use of pre
positions (out the door).
How meaning is constructed within sentences: This could include
recognising the effect of different connectives, identifying how phrases
and clauses build relevant detail and information, understanding how
modal or qualifying words or phrases build shades of meaning, and
understanding how the use of adverbials, prepositional phrases and
non-finite clauses gives clarity and emphasis to meaning.
published by Dogma
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