K A T E ‘ S   P O E M S
Button Box
I’ll tell you what the difference is

Both my grandmothers had
button boxes:

treasure troves for tiny fingers
to sift, count and colour,
favourite speckled shapes,
evocatives and sounds,
stories of dresses and cardies
long gone,
sartorial ancestor worship,
stuff you’ll never know
like make do and mend
and what the hell
that one will do
it’s near enough
right size, texture, shape and colour
he’ll never notice
and no, he didn’t
men really didn’t bother then.

But your generation buys bags
with the badges
already on,
CND and smileys
girl power,
‘cos you liked the colours.

It’s not the same difference.
It’s really not.
Not even similar.
So I think it's just a confusion. We say two things are the same if, in the relevant context, any differences aren't important. We'll say that it's the same situation or the same thing. Yet we also might say that there's no difference or that it makes no difference to us. These involve the same sort of meaning, and it might possibly happen that someone mixes them together, as with the awful 'irregardless', which confuses 'regardless' and 'irrespective' and then actually gives the opposite of the intended meaning. This is on the level of larger phrases instead of word compositionality, but it's the same phenomenon. I don't know if some sort of common error became more common through conscious imitation because it sounded cool, or if someone coined it at some point, thinking it was cool to say something literally meaningless whose intended speaker meaning could be detected initially from the context.