How beastly the bourgeois is!

Standing in their thousands, these appearances, in damp
what a pity they can't all be kicked over
like sickening toadstools, and left to melt back, swiftly
into the soil of England.

D.H. Lawrence
Hey up me Duck,old D.H. here ’appen tha’ll want to know what a ha ha is? Well the ha-ha or sunken fence is a type of boundary to a garden, pleasure-ground, or park, designed not to interrupt the view and to be invisible until seen from close by. A ha-ha consists of a trench, the inner side of which is vertical and faced with stone, with the outer slope face sloped and turfed, making the trench, in effect, a sunken fence or wall. ‘Appen Kate dislikes the beastly bourgeois as much as me’sen (see below).
K A T E ‘ S   P O E M S