Crossing the Road
Was that God I saw
Dropping a half eaten kebab
Then pissing in the door way
Say it was Him
Then that would explain
His lack of shame
Weaving a line
From ‘Heaven and Hell’
Making the sign
Of the cross pedestrian
The air wank
That says, ”Thank you
Arse-hole for almost
Cutting me down on the road!”
The code internationally understood
For, “No respect!  Tosser!”
Before seeming to genuflect
At a loss
At the kerb
After his skinful –
Then stagger and stop
By a bin full and flowing over
With empties of Breezers
And vodka whatevers
Whatever and evers
Whatever and ever…  A-
Liar Republic  05/04
K A T E ‘ S   P O E M S